Partners and communities together (PACT)

PACT meetings take place monthly. They’re attended by a range of agencies that help to fix issues like anti-social behaviour and neighbourhood crime.

Members from the crime and safety sub-groups and members of the public are invited to attend PACT meetings, the times and locations of these meetings vary to help give everyone a chance to attend.

Discussions are based on priorities that have been brought to the last meeting and new issues that will then be addressed by the range of agencies, including the police. PACT meetings are a chance for the community to impact the local policing priorities with the chair, or someone who represents these meetings also attending the Multi-Agency Action Group (MAAG) meetings for that location.

The information above is taken from the Barnsley MBC website. For more information please visit:

All meetings will be eight weeks apart and held at the St Johns Community Centre

  • Weds 10th Jan, 2024 — 2pm
  • Weds 6th March, 2024 — 3pm
  • Weds 1st May, 2024 —5pm
  • Weds 26th June, 2024 — 2pm
  • Weds 21st August, 2024 — 3pm
  • Weds 16th Oct, 2024 — 5pm
  • Weds 11th Dec, 2024 — 2pm

Monthly newsletters will also be sent out from the team at the Penistone Police Station with local updates. These will appear in the PTC News section when we receive them.

View of Penistone from Barnsley Road