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Policies and other Documents

General documents and policies can be found on this page. 

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The Conduct of a Councillor

The Yorkshire Local Council Association (YLCA) has advised that The Localism Act 2011 (‘the 2011 Act’) received Royal Assent in November 2011.  It replaced the statutory framework regulating the conduct of members of local authorities in England established by the Local Government Act 2000.

The 2011 Act introduced new arrangements to regulate the conduct of members of local authorities including town and parish councils, the registration and disclosure of certain interests and how complaints about their conduct are handled.

The principal authority (in our case, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council – BMBC) is exclusively responsible for receiving, investigating and deciding code of conduct complaints which relate to the members of town and parish councils in their area.

Ss.28(6) and (9) of the 2011 Act require a principal authority to have in place arrangements to investigate and determine allegations that a member of a town or parish council in its area has failed to comply with his/her council’s code of conduct.

It is therefore, to the monitoring officer at BMBC that any complaint regarding a councillors behaviour must be directed and unless he/she resigns, dies or is disqualified he/she will remain a councillor until the next local elections; there is no remit for Penistone Town Council to initiate any measures to discipline or issue any sanctions for any such behaviour.

Please address any complaints about the behaviour of a member of The Town Council to:-

The Monitoring Officer
Barnsley MBC
Westgate Plaza One
1 Westgate
Western Street
S70 2DR

Complaints Procedure

The Town Council adopted a complaints procedure to deal with complaints anyone may have in relation to Penistone Town Council. It is designed to deal with any complaints that cannot be settled by way of dealings with the Clerk or Assistant Clerk or that involve other staff members.

Click here to download the Complaints Procedure document.

Media Policy

The purpose of this policy is to define the roles and responsibilities within Penistone Town Council (known as “the Council”) for working with the press and media (known as “the media”) and deals with the day-to-day relationship between the Council and the media.

Click here to view the PTC Media Policy.

Period for the Exercise of Public Rights

Dates set for the period for the exercise of public rights document can be downloaded here.

Records Management Policy

The guidelines set out in this document supports Penistone Town Council Data Protection Policy and assists us in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) and other associated legislation.

It is important that Penistone Town Council has in place arrangements for the retention and disposal of documents necessary for the adequate management of services in undertaking its responsibilities. This policy sets out the minimum requirements for the retention of documents and sets out the requirements for the disposal of documents. However, it is important to note that this is a live document and will be updated on a regular basis.

Penistone Town Council will ensure that information is not kept for longer than is necessary and will retain the minimum amount of information that it requires to carry out its functions and the provision of services, whilst adhering to any legal or statutory requirements.

Click here to view the full Penistone Town Council Records Management Policy.

Public Participation Policy

Penistone Town Council wishes to encourage public participation during its meetings in order to use this as one means of consulting with the public. However, the Council recognises that rules must control the manner of participation in order that the Council Meeting may continue to operate effectively.

Public participation is an opportunity to ask questions not to make statements.

Click here to download the Public Participation document.

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