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NOTICE OF CASUAL VACANCIES — 25th June, 8th July, 9th July 2024

Public notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 87(2) of the Local Government Act 1972 that due to the resignation of Councillors Lisa Cork (25th June) Catherine Dodson (8th July 2024) and Lynne Crisp (9th July), vacancies exist in the office of Town Councillors for Penistone Town Council, Penistone and Cubley & Springvale Wards.

The vacancies will be filled by election if, within fourteen working days of this notice, any ten local government electors for Penistone Ward submit a written request to the Returning Officer, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Electoral Services, PO Box 634, Barnsley S70 9GG.

For more information please see the entries in the main News section below.

Need advice on coping with the rising cost of living?

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council have created a page on their website providing useful information which includes advice about benefits, Council Tax and free school meals along with other help. Click here to view.

Warmer Spaces

Penistone Town Council will be helping to offer warm spaces during the winter, free of charge. Everyone is welcome (spaces permitting) and will include sessions such as the upcoming screenings at the Penistone Paramount. Please go to the News page for more information.

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