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Council Grants and Funding

Community Support Grants

Penistone Town Council actively supports & encourages local community groups or organisations working in our area and, where possible, will try to respond positively to all reasonable requests for funding. Individual grants are normally capped at £500 but all requests for assistance are considered on their own merits by the full Council at their monthly meetings.

Applicants should contact the Penistone Town Council office for an application form by phone on 01226 370088 or email at (you can use the contact form here).

Grant applications must be submitted to the Penistone Town Council office at least 5 working days before the date of the next Council meeting (dates of upcoming meetings can be found here). Applications received later than this may be held over until the following meeting.

Click here to view the Penistone Town Council Small Grant Policy >> (opens in new tab).

Mayors’ Charities

Each Mayor raises funds independently of the above grants according to their chosen charities. There is no application needed, each Mayor will make their own decision as to which charities are supported in their particular year. Please see below for records of such fund raising.

Community Support Grants 2022
DateRecipients/Group Amount
April 2022Hoylandswaine PCC - Church Clock £198.00
April 2022Hoylandswaine Village Hall £112.64
May 2022Penistone Fairtrade£300.00
May 2022Penistone & District Bowling Club£500.00
May 2022Penistone Rainbows£150.00
May 2022Hoylandswaine Village Festival£500.00
May 2022Penistone Agricultural Society £500.00
June 2022Penistone Cricket Club £500
September 2022Penistone Food Buddies £500
September 2022Penistone Archive Group £353.76
October 2022Thurlstone Football Club£500.00
November 2022Penistone Knitting Group£250.00
Community Support Grants 2021
DateRecipients/Group Amount
March 2022Royd Community Garden Group £329
November 2021Stainborough Rotary Club - Stottercliffe Cemetery£500
September 2021Hoylandswaine Village Hall - Tiny Tunes£400
July 2021 Penistone Round Table £500
April 2021Royal Air Forces Association £209.40
Community Support Grants 2020
DateRecipients/Group Amount
October 2020Penistone Scout Group£500.00
September 2020Thurlstone WI £500.00
September 2020Penistone Country Market£388.48
August 2020Royd Garden Community Group£439.80
July 2020Penistone FM£500.00
February 2020VE Day flags £234.99
January 2020Hoylandswaine V H rates £221.76
January 2020Penistone Church clock service £203.00
Community Support Grants 2019
DateRecipients/Group Amount
November 2019Penistone Parkrun £197.78
November 2019Fairtrade in Penistone £250.00
October 2019Penistone Against Plastic £150.00
September 2029Penistone 41 Club £250.00
August 2019Bench plaque - RAF £122.00
July 2019Penistone Meet & Eat £250.00
July 2019Penistone Archives £250.00
July 2019Penistone Church JFC Black £250.00
June 2019Penistone Cricket Club £250.00
June 2019Penistone Church Football Club £250.00
June 2019Penistone Gateway Club £250.00
May 2019Penistone U12 Football £250.00
May 2019Penistone Knitting Group£250.00
March 2019Millhouse Green VCA £250.00
February 2019Hoylandswaine Church clock service£165.00
January 2019Penistone Church clock service£197.00
Community Support Grants 2018
DateRecipients/Group Amount
November 2018Barnsley War Memorial Project£250.00
September 2018Penistone 41 Club£250.00
June 2018Penistone Football u11s £250.00
April 2018Hoylandswaine VH rates£216.92
April 2018WW2 commemoration£250.00
March 2018Penistone Pottery Group £191.00
February 2018Penistone Cricket Club £250.00
January 2018Church clock services£200.00
Community Support Grants 2017
DateRecipients/Group Amount
October 2017MG Institute insurance£1250.00
September 2017 Hoylandswaine Church Clock£324.00
June 2017Millhouse Green VCA £250.00
June 2017Pottery Group£250.00
June 2017WW1 Centenary Event£250.00
April 2017Hoylandswaine V H rates £210.76
April 2017Penistone Camera Club£183.98
April 2017Hoylandswaine VH rates£218.68
March 2017Penistone Cricket Club £250.00
March 2017Armed Forces Flags£250.00
February 2017Fairtrade£100.00
January 2017 Penistone under 10 FC £250.00
January 2017 Church clock services£185.00
Community Support Grants 2016
DateRecipients/Group Amount
November 2016Music Bugs£250.00
November 2016Millhouse Green VCA£250.00
November 2016Sequence Dance Club£174.98
September 2016Penistone Pottery Group£250.00
September 2016Centre Stage Musicals£250.00
August 2016 Penistone Pottery Group£250.00
August 2016 Penistone Literary Society £250.00
May 2016On Point Sports Coaching£250.00
April 2016 Hoylandswaine VH Rates £218.68
March 2016 Penistone Scouts£250.00
January 201St John's Church Clock Service£180.00
Community Support Grants 2015
DateRecipients/Group Amount
December 2015Hoylandswaine Arts Group £250.00
November 2016Millhouse Green Village Community – Insurance£250.00
November 2016Thurlstone Brass Band £250.00
November 2016Penistone Friends of the Earth£250.00
October 2015Thurlstone Church£250.00
October 2015Springvale Community Garden£250.00
August 2015Penistone Centre Stage Musicals£250.00
August 2015Penistone Literary Society £250.00
May 2015Millhouse Bowling Club £250.00
May 2015Penistone History Group £250.00
April 2015Penistone Cricket Club £250.00
March 2015Hoylandswaine Village Hall rates£216.92
March 2015Penistone Church Football Club£250.00
March 2015Penistone Round Table£3,500.00
March 2015Penistone Homing Society (pigeons)£250.00
March 2015Friends of St Johns£250.00
February 2015Penistone Competitive Music Festival£250.00
January 2015Stocksbridge Tennis Club£250.00
Community Support Grants 2014
DateRecipients/Group Amount
November 2014Penistone Community Arts£250.00
November 2014Millhouse Green Village Community Association£232.76
November 2014Penistone Centre Stage Musicals£250.00
October 2014Re-erection of a WW1 headstone£275.00
June 2014Penistone Literary Festival £250.00
June 2014J. Pinguey WW1 wreath laying service£250.00
May 2014Penistone Literary Festival £250.00
May 2014J. Pinguey WW1 Wreath Laying Service £250.00
April 2014Hoylandswaine Village Hall (rates)£212.08
April 2014Penistone Round Table £3,500.00
April 2014Penistone History Group/ Archive £250.00
April 2014Penistone and District Homing Society£250.00
February 2014Penistone Competitive Musical Festival £250.00
February 2014Stocksbridge Tennis Club £250.00
January 2014Penistone 60th Guides £250.00
Community Support Grants 2013
DateRecipients/Group Amount
December 2013Penistone FM£213.60
October 2013Penistone Church Football Club £250.00
October 2013Penistone Players £250.00
October 2013Thurlstone Community Group£150.00
September 2013Millhouse Green VCA 232.76
September 2013Penistone Centre Stage Musicals£250.00
July 2013Fairtrade in Penistone £150.00
June 2013Trans Pennine Trail Conservation Volunteers £250.00
May 2013Penistone Agricultural Society (Sponsorship of class) £250.00
May 2013Penistone Round Table (Bonfire & Gala) £3,500.00
May 2013Millhouse Sports Club £250.00
May 2013Penistone Grammar School £250.00
April 2013Hoylandswaine Village Hall rates£207.24
April 2013Penistone Cricket & Sports Club£250.00
April 2013Penistone History Group (help towards the archives) £250.00
March 2013Penistone Competitive Music Festival£250.00
February 2013Thurlstone War Memorial Fund£250.00
February 2013Penistone & District Community Partnership (Penistone Leisure Centre)£250.00
Community Support Grants 2011
DateRecipients/Group Amount
November 2011Penistone Video & Digital Stills Group£200.00
November 2011Hoylandswaine St Johns the Evangelist Church (clock service costs)£200.00
September 2011Star Search£200.00
June 2011Penistone Mini Tennis Club£200.00
April 2011Millhouse Sports Bowling Club£200.00
April 2011Penistone Cricket & Sports Club £200.00
April 2011Penistone West Crime & Safety Sub-Group£200.00
April 2011Hoylandswaine Village Hall (rates)£190.52
April 2011Millhouse Green Institute (rates)£87.86
November 2011Hoylandswaine Village Clock (repairs)£96
Community Support Grants 2012
DateRecipients/Group Amount
December 2012Fairtrade£33.00
September 2012Hoylandswaine Parochial Church Council for the service charges for village clock£162.00
November 2012Millhouse Green Community Association towards Christmas tree£250.00
September 2012Penistone Crime & Safety £250.00
September 2012 Penistone Players£250.00
September 2012 Millhouse Community £250.00
August 2012Stocksbridge Tennis Club £250.00
July 2012Penistone Football Club £150.00
June 2012Penistone Scouts - (TPT clean-up additional funding)£500.00
June 2012Fairtrade in Penistone £75.00
June 2012Penistone Guides£200.00
May 2012Penistone Scouts - (TPT clean-up)£250.00
March 2012 Diamond Jubilee Celebrations£1000.00
Mayor's Charities Fundraising
2005 - 2006£2,200
2006 - 2007£3,000
2007 - 2008£1,500
2008 - 2009£2,300
2009 - 2010£2,406
2010 - 2011£4,080
2011 - 2012£3,431
2012 - 2013£3,775
2013 - 2014£2,880
2014 - 2015£5,000
2015 - 2016£1,710
2016 - 2017£2,175
2017 - 2018£2,450
2018 - 2019£2,600
2019 - 2020£2,650
2020 - 2021£1,445