Penistone Town Council Offices at St John's Community Centre

Council Committees and Board Representatives

So that the council can function efficiently, a number of committees have been created so that various specific issues can be debated outside of the full council. Output from the various committees, who generally meet on a monthly basis, takes the form of recommendations which are brought to the next full council meeting for further discussion and eventual ratification.

This way of operating is similar to all other parish and town councils and allows for greater scrutiny of items under discussion by a smaller select committee, sometimes inviting co-opted members onto the committee – either full-time members or to give expert guidance for individual items of business.

Penistone Town Council has formed the following committees, with the listed members and responsibilities.

All members are welcome to attend all committee meetings and participate if even if they are not on that particular committee, however are not allowed to vote on any issue.

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Finance and HR Committee

This committee has primary responsibility for discussing Financial matters such as the ‘Precept’, staff wages and allocation of Annual Budgets to the various elements of the Council’s functions.

Members: Cllrs Barraclough (Chair), Shiggins (Vice Chair), Kimberley, A. Millner and Trotman

Leisure, Amenities & Town Services Committee

This committee oversees the operation of what are the ‘visible’ arms of the Council – i.e. the Penistone Paramount and the Community Centre and Penistone from a service point of view, discussing issues such as parking and toilet facilities. One of its highlight functions is to arrange the annual Christmas Tree illuminations

Members: Cllrs Cutts (Chair), G Millner (Vice Chair), Chadburn, Hinchliff and Hayton.

Planning Committee

All Councillors are eligible to attend these meetings which generally take place after each full council meeting.

All planning applications falling within Penistone Town Council’s area are made available to the Council for comment, prior to being determined by BMBC Planning Officers. This committee has an important say in the type of development that takes place in Penistone. However, it is important to note that Penistone Town Council has no legal powers in respect of Planning Applications – the determining body is BMBC Planning and Development.

Members: Cllrs Unsworth (Chair) Rusby (Vice Chair), Perkins, Walker, Wood

Annual Town Assembly

All Parish and Town Councils throughout England are required by law to hold an annual parish meeting each year. The purpose of calling this meeting is to enable the council to report on the year. Also electors are given a chance to have their say on anything which they consider is important to the people of the parish of Penistone. The meeting is open to the public, but such persons only as are registered as local government electors for the town will be entitled to vote at the meeting.

Any registered elector may ask questions of the council and these will usually be answered by the Mayor or designated to be answered by the Town Clerk or a Councillor. Minutes of the meeting are kept as a record.

As is the case for all Town Council meetings the press and public are notified and invited to be present.

Board Representatives

Representatives to the following boards:

National School Trustees – Cllrs Cutts and Unsworth

Samuel Wordsworth Charity – Cllr. Hinchliff

Yorkshire Local Councils Associations – Cllr. Unsworth

Hoylandswaine Almshouses – Cllr Walker