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Penistone Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Penistone Neighbourhood Development Plan is a document that sets out planning policies and aspirations for our Neighbourhood Area.

The plan has been written by members of The Town Council who have worked closely with members of the local community, Barnsley Council and a Local Planning Consultant.

Once approved, the Plan will become a legally binding statutory planning document, which will have to be considered whenever a planning application is submitted to Barnsley MBC.

The Upcoming Referendum – July 11th, 2019

The final draft of the plan has now been published and can be seen on the main Penistone NDP website. The next stage is for the people of Penistone to vote for or against it.

For more information on Penistone Neighbourhood Development Plan which will enable you to make an informed decision please visit

More info on the Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council website

The referendum version of the Plan follows an independent examination of the Plan which we submitted to
Barnsley Council last year. The examiner has recommended a number of changes in his report.
You can find his report, Barnsley Council’s decision statement and the Plan which we submitted on the Barnsley MBC website here:

Penistone Neighbourhood Development Plan leaflet 2019