Santa will be travelling from the North Pole to start his numerous visits to our area, starting at Silkstone as the first location on his annual Santa sleigh run.

Listen for the bells — Santa’s helpers and elves will be ringing bells ahead of Santa’s arrival!

Please come out and give Santa a wave. His sleigh does run on Christmas spirit, so the more people out the better.

Please bear in mind that timings are subject to change, the trip from the north pole can be influenced by the weather, solar flares and how many mince pies Rudolph has secretely eaten ( they give him gas).

(Organised by the Round Table, the above is taken from their Facebook Page,
Although the poster says Santa wil be in Penistone on 2nd December at 16.45, the actual Christmas lights switch-on isn’t until 17.00.)

View of Penistone from Barnsley Road