The Regeneration and Development Committee agreed to support the Plastic Free Penistone group following a recent presentation given by one of its founding members, Steph Pollard, to The Penistone Town Council.

Their Facebook page can be found here:
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Below is some background information about the project provided by the group.

(We)…have started a campaign to encourage and support the people of Penistone to reduce plastic waste / plastic pollution. We are passionate about this and have joined the national initiative designed to get communities all over the UK engaged – we have volunteered to lead this drive in Penistone. Our aim is to reduce the unnecessary use of single use plastic and generally increase recycling and move away from a throwaway culture to a more sustainable one.

We aim to connect with other local groups such as Friends of the Earth, TPT, local businesses, schools etc (already contacted some and gained their support).  We’d like to share good practice and ideas.

We do aim to:

  • Set up a Facebook page to share ideas, news, tips and celebrate good news (feeding in to existing FB community groups)
  • Encourage community  ideas such as Refill water bottles; better awareness of recycling opportunities locally, new ways to connect people/ businesses to a ‘swap shop’ idea (ie one man’s waste is another’s treasure)
  • Promote existing related events and activities – eg TPT litter picks, FoE nature events, Green Party talks, Community Market, library, Gala
  • Talk to businesses, groups and schools to help them engage in activities which reduce our use of single use plastic and reduce all waste
  • Campaign for protection / investment in good recycling and sustainable living facilities in Penistone area

Organise a one-off green event in a local venue – promoting green living businesses and connecting local people with technicians and crafters who can mend stuff eg computers, phones, clothes, bags, shoes, electrical appliances (as a means to boost this sector of the local economy)

View of Penistone from Barnsley Road