Penistone Sheep Trail

Six sheep sculptures along with 5 sheep “benches” have been installed around the town of Penistone as part of the Principle Towns scheme from Barnsley Council.

Their locations are near important parts of the town and together make a really nice walk around the town. A leaflet has been created with a map showing the locations of the sheep and a suggested route which begins and ends at Penistone Train station. You can start and end the walk wherever you want of course, but take in some of the other lovely facilities and history that Penistone has to offer!

Click here to download a PDF copy of the leaflet.

The leaflet was written by Wayne Chadburn, Penistone Town Councillor and the local Penistone correspondent for the Barnsley Chronicle. You can see his website at

More info can also be found at the Barnsley MBC website:


View of Penistone from Barnsley Road