Image of vest to be worn by volunteers

Penistone Town Council fully supports and appreciates the work that the newly formed community volunteer group Lovethypenistone is doing in the face of the issues raised for our community in the governments lockdown response to the pandemic.

It’s vital that our vulnerable residents have access to services and support, in whatever area that may be and the Town Council is proud that our community is rallying to provide that support.

Lovethypenistone is an umbrella group comprising several well known and active community groups based in the Penistone area and can be contacted via the website, if you require assistance or support.

Whilst the Penistone Town Council does not have the staff levels or resources to become a day to day part of this effort we have supplied the group with unique Hi-Vis vests for their volunteers who visit local residents to wear, a sample of which is shown here.  We fully endorse offers of help from Lovethypenistone and residents can be reassured that a wearer of a vest has been registered with the group.

This is a time when unscrupulous people & scammers may try to take advantage of vulnerable local people.  Please be cautious of offers to help and please look after your neighbours and your relatives.

In the photo at the top you can see the type of vest that will be worn by volunteers. It’s light blue with the council emblem printed on the back.

View of Penistone from Barnsley Road