There will be some changes to bus services in Penistone during the time that roadworks (see )  are carried out in the town. The work starts on 24th September 2023 and is expected to take 3 weeks to complete.

Penistone Town Council can’t provide confirmed details but information about disruptions to bus services can be found on the website:

AT THE TIME OF WRITING, 23rd SEPTEMBER 2023, the following was posted on on the TSY site:

“Description: Temporary overnight road closures on Bridge Street, Penistone from 24 September to 6 October 2023. From 1900 to 0500 Monday to Saturday, 1800 to 0500 on Sundays.

“Bridge Street will be closed from Bridge End and the Tesco roundabout for phase 1 of road closures around Penistone.
Services will be diverted as follows:
Service 24a/29 – will divert via the following roads Green Road, Clarel Street, Chapelfield Lane, Park Avenue, Market St, St Marys St and then back onto Market St, High Street and Green Road to the normal 24a/29 route
Service 21a – will be unable to serve Penistone and will divert along Thurlstone Road, Barnsley Road and High Lee Lane. (and vice versa) in order to operate to Millhouse Green and Crow Edge.

“Passengers wishing to travel to Penistone at these times please use the 24a or 29 service. Stagecoach tickets will be valid on these service from 1730.”

THIS MAY CHANGE AND YOU ARE URGED TO CHECK THE LINK ABOVE FOR ANY UPDATES THAT MIGHT BE MADE. It’s likely that as the work progresses services will be adjusted accordingly.

If you have any queries please use the contact details on the above site.


Stagecoach have also provided information which can be found here:

It currently says (27th September 2023):

“Bridge Street in Penistone will be closed from 7pm to 5am each night (6pm to 5am on Sunday nights) from the evening of 24th September to the morning of 7th October.

“While the road closure is in place buses on the 21a are not able to reach stops between Four Lane Ends and Penistone Bridge End. This includes Penistone town centre.

“To get to/from Penistone town centre at these times please use the 24a or 29 run by South Pennine Community Transport. Stagecoach tickets will be accepted on these buses during the road closure.

“We’re sorry for the inconvenience this will cause.”

Please check the links above for updates before setting off on a journey since details are likely to change.

PENISTONE TOWN COUNCIL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR INFORMATION PROVIDED BY OR ON OTHER WEBSITES. If you have any further queries please use the  contact details on the relevant site.


View of Penistone from Barnsley Road