Thurlstone c1910

General Office Opening Times

Please note that the General Office opening hours are 9.00 am to 1.00 pm.

Penistone Town Council – Neighbourhood Development Plan

In June 2015 the Parish of Penistone was successfully designated as a ‘Neighbourhood Area’ following a request by Penistone Town Council. Following that designation, the Town Council then voted unanimously to proceed with a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). An overviewcan be found on the Council News page. The new website can be seen here:

Do you have any photos of Penistone and the region you'd like to share?

We'd like to feature a new picture of the Penistone area every month in the space above - if you'd like to contribute then write to us on the contact page and we'll send details of where to send them.

PUBLIC TOILETS - refurbishment

The toilets in the town centre (facing the church) are currently being refurbished. In the meantime, you may use the toilets in the Community Centre on Church Street or Tesco.

The Penistone Community Led Parish Plan 2013

Penistone Town Council Development and Regeneration Committee has been finding out what you like and dislike about our community, and what you want to see happen in our parish. You can read more about this on the Community Led Parish Plan page and also download a copy of the full 52-page document.

Neville Roebuck Archive Room

Penistone Archives are available for viewing in Room B in the Community Centre, every Thursday from 10.00am to 1.00pm or by appointment.

Northern Powergrid Electricity works

Essential improvements to the electricity supply are still being carried out. The work is now expected to be finished between May and October 2016. More information can be found at a dedicated website set up by Northern Powergrid,

Council News

Penistone Mayor's Parade 2011

The latest council-related news. A selection of items from the most recent minutes which may be of interest to the general public. The full, more formally-written minutes have their own section.


Hand writing minutes

The latest minutes can be found here as a PDF file. Older copies will also be collected here over time.


Dairy and events

Information about events organised by the Penistone Town Council and/or run by organisations using council facilities such as the Community Centre.

Local Services

The Council Offices

A summary of services the Council provides and along with some provided by Barnsley Council.

Local Facilities

Penistone Paramount

Info about facilities such as the Resource Centre, Equipment Bank and Paramount Cinema run by the Penistone Town Council.

Waste Collection & Other

All waste disposal and collection services are provided by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, not Penistone.

Waste disposal and collection services are provided by Barnsley MBC, not Penistone TC. See Local Services section for telephone numbers and addresses for this and other services such as road maintenance.

The Council

View of Penistone from Hoylandswaine roundabout

An overview of the Council, its structure and function. A list of individual councillors and their contact details can also be found here.

Penistone Town Council serves the following areas:

Penistone|Springvale & Cubley|Thurlstone & Millhouse Green|Hoylandswaine