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Council Committees & Board Representatives

So that the council can function efficiently, a number of committees have been created so that various specific issues can be debated outside of the full council. Output from the various committees, who generally meet on a monthly basis, takes the form of recommendations which are brought to the next full council meeting for further discussion and eventual ratification.

This way of operating is similar to all other parish & town councils and allows for greater scrutiny of items under discussion by a smaller select committee, sometimes inviting co-opted members onto the committee – either full-time members or to give expert guidance for individual items of business.

Penistone Town Council has formed the following committees, with the listed members & responsibilities.

All members are welcome to attend all committee meetings and participate if even if they are not on that particular committee, however are not allowed to vote on any issue.

This committee has primary responsibility for discussing Financial matters such as the ‘Precept’ (see Council Structure page), staff wages and allocation of Annual Budgets to the various elements of the Council’s functions.

Cllrs. Millner, Marsh, Cutts, Mrs. Rusby, Unsworth and Ms. Kimberly

This committee oversees the operation of what are the ‘visible’ arms of the Council – ie the Penistone Paramount and the Community Centre.

Cllrs Cutts, Mrs. Hinchliff, Unsworth, Hinchliff, Hand – Davis and Chadburn

This committee takes special responsibility for influencing the direction that Penistone itself develops in. The committee is building links with BMBC Planning & Development Officers, local businesses and is currently working on the Parish Plan. By having a strong voice we hope to be able to influence the scale & type of development that takes place in our area.

Marsh, Hand – Davis, Chadburn, Ms. Kimberley.

This committee oversees Penistone from a service point of view, discussing issues such as parking & toilet facilities. One of its highlight functions is to arrange the annual Christmas Tree illuminations.

Clrs. Mrs. Rusby, Hinchliff, Cutts, B. Hinchliff, Hayler, Mrs. Millner.

All Cllrs are eligible to attend these meetings, which generally take place after each full council meeting. The Chair is Cllr J Unsworth, the Vice-Chair is Cllr A Rusby.

All planning applications falling within Penistone Town Councils area are made available to the Council for comment, prior to being determined by BMBC Planning Officers. This committee has an important say in the type of development that takes place in Penistone. However, it is important to note that Penistone Town Council has no legal powers in respect of Planning Applications – the determining body is BMBC Planning & Development.

All Councillors

All Parish and Town Councils throughout England are required by law to hold an annual parish meeting each year. The purpose of calling this meeting is to enable the council to report on the year. Also electors are given a chance to have their say on anything which they consider is important to the people of the parish of Penistone. The meeting is open to the public, but such persons only as are registered as local government electors for the town will be entitled to vote at the meeting.

Any registered elector may ask questions of the council and these will usually be answered by the Mayor or designated to be answered by the Town Clerk or a Councillor. Minutes of the meeting are kept as a record.

As is the case for all Town Council meetings the press and public are notified and invited to be present.

Representatives to the following boards:

National School Trustees - Cllrs. Marsh and Unsworth

Samuel Wordsworth Charity - Cllr. Hinchliff

Yorkshire Local Councils Associations - Cllr. Hayler

Hoylandswaine Almshouses - Cllr. Marsh

Council Structure

Map of Penistone Toen Council boundaries

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (BMBC) is your major local authority, providing services for education, social services, highways, waste collection, environmental health, planning and licensing. Most of the council tax you pay to the Borough Council is used in order to pay for these services.

A small part of your council tax, known as the ‘precept’, is allocated directly to Penistone Town Council in order to fund its activities. You can see the breakdown of your council tax payment on the Annual Council Tax Statement sent out by BMBC every year.

BMBC consists of 63 Local Borough Councillors, 3 for each Borough Ward. Our area has 2 such Wards - Penistone East and Penistone West, giving us a total of 6 Borough Councillors. In respect of National Government, Barnsley is split into three areas, each of which is represented by one Member of Parliament (MP).

The Penistone East and West areas are then sub divided into various Parishes each covered by a Parish council, and Penistone Town Council, which covers the main Penistone area

Penistone Town Council is the successor body to the Penistone Urban District Council, which was abolished in the local government re-organisation of 1974. As such, the chair of Penistone Town Council keeps the title of Mayor of Penistone. In addition to chairing Town Council meetings, the Town Mayor carries out various civic duties during his/her year of office. A new Mayor is elected at the annual Town Council meeting each May. Our current Mayor is Cllr Gillian Millner; the Deputy Mayor is Cllr R Hinchliff. A list of past Penistone Mayors is on a plaque in the Main Hall of St Johns Community Centre.

Penistone Town Council consists of 15 seats covering the greater Penistone area which, since 2007 has been split into four ‘Wards’, with specific Councillors being elected from each ward. The wards are:

  • Penistone with 6 seats.
  • Thurlstone (including Millhouse Green) with 3 seats.
  • Hoylandswaine with 2 seats.
  • Springvale and Cubley with 4 seats.

A full listing of each of your Town Councillors can be seen in the ‘Councillors’ section below.

Every four years all 15 seats on the Town Council come up for election. A new Town Council was elected in May of 2011, with five new members joining the Council. The next Town Council elections will take place in 2015.

Penistone Town Council is a minor authority, operating the Penistone Paramount, (used for cinema, theatre, and concert productions) and St John’s Community Centre, which is a vital community resource. The Town Council has an important role in commenting on all local planning applications before they go to the Planning Officers in Barnsley. Please see our ‘Council Committees’ page for how we allocate specific responsibilities to smaller committees.

The day-to-day operation of the Council is undertaken by its staff, based at St John’s Community Centre.

Our Town Clerk is Keith Coulton and he is assisted in the office by Jill Cutts, Emily Sidebottom and Amanda Hart.

The Councillors

There are 15 Councillors who make up Penistone Town Council. The last elections were in May 2011 and the following Councillors represent your wards.

If you need to contact any of the councillors please use the general contact information on the contact page.

Penistone Ward

Cllr Jonathan Cutts

I was brought up in Penistone and attended both Junior and Grammar Schools.

I worked for the family and local building firms for 11 years, followed by 27 years in the steel industry. I now work part-time for Morrisons in Barnsley. I am married with 3 children and 3 grandsons.

I am totally independent, wanting only to improve my hometown. Local services need to be improved, especially the road network and the provision of a residential, short-stay and respite facility. The Paramount Cinema and Community Centre should be improved and kept as a viable and well-used part of the community.

With the Supermarket plans passed, I believe in regeneration of the Town centre and that encouragement should be given for existing and new businesses to invest in our Town.

Cllr Roger Hinchliff

I have lived and worked in the Penistone area all my life.

I am married to Brenda and have served on Penistone Town Council since 1991. I had the honour of being elected Mayor in 1996 – 1997 and 2010-2011.

I am Vice President of the Penistone Branch of the Royal British Legion, Vice Chairman of Penistone Agricultural Society and a Governor at St John's Infant School.

Cllr Andrew Millner

I have lived in the Penistone area since 1986 and I have always been actively involved in the local community, in particular with Penistone Round Table, helping organise many community events such as Penistone Mayors Parade and Gala, Bonfire Night and the Santa Sleigh.

I am married to Gill and have 2 sons, James & Matthew. Since May 2006 I have been elected to serve as a BMBC Councillor for Penistone West Ward, serving on the General Licensing Regulatory Board and the Adult Services Scrutiny Commission.

On Penistone Town Council I sit on the Development & Regeneration Committee which will seek to develop Penistone and promote business regeneration and a positive change for the community. I am also keen to ensure that we produce a Parish Plan to ensure both appropriate and sustainable development takes place.

I am on the Board of Penistone District Community Partnership and also on the Board of Penistone FM 95.7, your local community radio station.

Cllr Ann Rusby

I have been a member of Penistone Town Council for over 14 years and I had the honour of being elected Mayor in 2002 – 2003.

I serve on the Town Services and Planning Committees and am a Foundation Governor at Penistone Grammar School.

I have been a Samaritan for 10 years.

I am a farmers wife with 3 grown up children and 8 grandchildren, all of whom have been educated in the area.

I have recently retired after running a business (Bridge End Chippy) in Penistone for 37 years.

I want to see the Town regenerated without losing its incredible character, hopefully with considerbale input from younger people, for it is they who will most benefit from any improvements.

Details to follow.

Details to follow.

Details to follow.

Cubley and Springvale

Details to follow.

Details to follow.

Cllr Joe Unsworth

I was first elected to Penistone Town Council in 1987 and represent the Cubley & Springvale Ward.

I was Mayor of Penistone in 2000-2001 and again in 2007-2008.

I also represented the Penistone West Ward of Barnsley Council from 1995 to 2003, when I stood as a Labour Party candidate in the Barnsley Council elections, however Penistone Town Council business is largely non-political.

I chaired the Governing Body of Penistone Grammar School from 1997 to 2007.

Thurlstone and Millhouse Green

Details to follow.

Details to follow.

Details to follow.


Cllr Paul Hand-Davis

I live in Penistone and am married to Lynda.

I am a Ward Councillor on BMBC for the Penistone East Ward with special interests in Planning, Affordable Housing and Transport.

I see the need for stronger representation at Barnsley on rural matters and I am working hard on this issue.

I am also anxious to see Penistone develop more job opportunities and get an improved infrastructure to cope with the dramatic increase in housebuilding in recent years.

I had the honour of being elected Mayor in 2008 – 2009

Details to follow.

Town Council Members' Registers of Interests

Below are copies of all Councillor's signed registers of disposable pecuniary interests for Penistone Town Council. All documents are presented as PDFs. Right-click to save to your computer or left click to view in the browser window.

Annual Governance and Accounting Statments 2017/8

The Annual Governance and Accounting Statements for 2017-18 can be viewed and downloaded here.

Town Council - Expenditure/Finance

The accounts can be viewed by appointment. Please contact the Town Clerk in writing at Penistone Town Council, St John's Community Centre, Church Street, Penistone, Sheffield, S36 6AR.

The Annual Governance Statement, Annual Accounting Statement and External Auditor Certificate for the financial year 2016 - 2017 can be viewed here (one PDF document containing all).

The Annual Governance Statement, Annual Accounting Statement and External Auditor Certificate for the financial year 2015 - 2016 can be viewed here (one PDF document containing all).

Below are copies of all expenditure summaries. Earlier documents are available from the Penistone Town Council by request.
Click the heading to reveal a list of documents which are available to download in PDF format.

Expenditure: Penistone Paramount

Below are copies of all Penistone Parmount expenditure summaries. Earlier documents are available from the Penistone Town Council by request.
Click the heading below to reveal a list of documents which are available to download in PDF format.

Penistone Town Council Records Management Policy

The guidelines set out in this document supports Penistone Town Council Data Protection Policy and assists us in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) and other associated legislation.

It is important that Penistone Town Council has in place arrangements for the retention and disposal of documents necessary for the adequate management of services in undertaking its responsibilities. This policy sets out the minimum requirements for the retention of documents and sets out the requirements for the disposal of documents. However, it is important to note that this is a live document and will be updated on a regular basis.

Penistone Town Council will ensure that information is not kept for longer than is necessary and will retain the minimum amount of information that it requires to carry out its functions and the provision of services, whilst adhering to any legal or statutory requirements.

Click here to view the full Penistone Town Council Records Management Policy.

Period for the Exercise of Public Rights

Dates set for the period for the exercise of public rights document can be downloaded here.

Complaints Procedure

The Town Council adopted a complaints procedure, which you can download from here, to deal with complaints anyone may have in relation to Penistone Town Council and is designed to deal with any complaints that cannot be settled by way of dealings with the Clerk or Assistant Clerk or that involve other staff members.

Public Participation Policy

Penistone Town Council wishes to encourage public participation during its meetings in order to use this as one means of consulting with the public. However, the Council recognises that rules must control the manner of participation in order that the Council Meeting may continue to operate effectively. Public participation is an opportunity to ask questions not to make statements. More information can be downloaded here.