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We are often asked about the following services - but they are NOT the responsibility of Penistone Town Council and therefore we can't help. For more information see the entries on the right.

  • Housing Benefit
  • Council Tax
  • Deaths/Births
  • Penistone Library
  • Recycling Centres
  • Waste Collection
  • Fly Tipping
  • Street Lighting
  • Potholes
  • Gritting & Snow Clearing
  • Blue Badges
  • Dog Warden

Phone or email?

If your enquiry isn't urgent it would be helpful if you could email us rather than phone.

There is some overlap between the services that are offered by (and are the responsibility of) Penistone Town Council and Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (BMBC). Please check the details below before making enquiries - this will ensure you get the quicket possible response.

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Any information relating to services provided by Barnsley Council on this page was compiled from the articles on the Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (BMBC) website in December 2011.

Details here are brief summaries of the original sections. If you have any queries, please visit the links provided.

In most cases links are provided to the original source - it's always worth checking on the original BMBC site to make sure the details are still correct before writing or phoning.

The general/switchboard number for Barnsley Council is 01226 770770; if you call this number you will be put in touch with the relevant department where someone will be able to help you.

General contact details for the Waste Management Team

telephone: 01226 772045. Phone lines are open from 9am to 4.30pm, Monday to Thursday, and 9am to 4pm on Friday
write: Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, The Waste Management Co-ordinator, Waste Management Services, Smithies Lane Depot, Barnsley, S71 1NL.

Household waste - domestic bin provision

Provided by Barnsley. Original BMBC web page:

Barnsley Council operate an alternative weekly collection with general waste for landfill collected one week and recycling collected on the alternative week.

Each household should have the following:

  • a grey 240 litre bin for general waste.
  • a green bin for garden waste and cardboard
  • a blue bin or bag for recycling paper, magazines etc
  • a brown bin or green box for recycling cans glass bottles/jars and plastic bottles

To obtain new or replacement waste and recycling bins you may collect them free of charge from the depot at Smithies Lane, Barnsley S71 1NL between 9am and 3pm on Monday to Friday. Please take with you proof of residency - check the link above for acceptable forms of ID.

Bins can be delivered for a charge of £15 unless you're over 65 or part of the assisted collection scheme - if you're over 80 or if you are unable to move your waste and recycling bins to the kerbside for collection due to a disability or medical condition you may be eligible for the assisted collection scheme.

See for more about assisted waste collection.

Household waste collection

Original BMBC web page:

The household waste collection service provides a kerbside collection of household waste from domestic properties.

99% of households in Barnsley receive a segregated weekly collection as described above. All properties should have a wheeled bin or refuse sacks for household waste and variety of bins are available for recycling. Flats and houses of multiple occupancy are usually supplied with communal waste and recycling containers.

Please note the following points:

  • Don't overfill your bin or sacks - the lid should be closed.
  • Don't put glass or sharp objects in refuse sacks.
  • Don't put prohibited items (see list below) in your wheeled bin.
  • Don't put out any side refuse with your bin, it will not be collected.
  • There is no limit on the amount of specific recyclables collected.

If the service misses a collection, let Barnsley Council know after 2pm on the day of collection.

  • The following items should not be placed in your wheeled bin:
  • soil, rubble, or construction waste
  • business waste
  • electrical items
  • carpets
  • furniture
  • large toys
  • tyres
  • clinical waste
  • asbestos
  • textiles

If any of the above items are put in your wheeled bin OR THE LID IS NOT CLOSED then your bin will not be emptied.

If you're over 80 or if you are unable to move your waste and recycling bins to the kerbside for collection due to a disability or medical condition you may be eligible for the assisted collection scheme. See for more about assisted waste collection.

When are bins collected?

This depends on your postcode and also the time of year. For more information about collection please go to

Household waste - assisted collection

Original web page:

If you are unable to move your waste and recycling bins to the kerbside for collection due to a disability or medical condition you may be eligible for our assisted collection scheme. Details of the scheme are as follows

  • Residents over the age of 80 who live alone or with a partner over the age of 80 will receive a dispensation
  • Assisted collections (dispensations) are only granted to person(s) living in a household and not to the property.
  • Dispensations will not be issued to any individual who lives with someone who is physically capable to wheel the bin to the kerbside (and collect) or who has family members or employees living within the property or other properties within the same grounds.
  • Dispensations may become invalid if the conditions of access to the property are such that the health and safety of council employees may be put at risk.
  • The council may use information available to them to check the authenticity of the claim.

You can apply for an assisted collection by completing the assisted collection application form on the BMBC website.

Special collections for large household items

Original page:

Special arrangements can be made to collect items that are too large for normal waste collections from any domestic premise in the area. This would include items such as household furniture, beds, mattresses and large electrical items.

The last orders prior to Christmas for special collections will be taken on Friday 9th December. Orders for special collections in the New Year will be taken from Monday 9th January 2012.

The bulky items collection service costs are as follows:

  • £5 per item (includes fridges or freezers)
  • £10 for up to four items
  • £15 for five items
  • £20 for six to eight items
  • £25 for nine items
  • £30 for ten to 12 items (maximum 12 items in one collection)

If you wish to add further items after the order has been placed a separate application is required and payment will be calculated as for a new order.

The following items can't be taken:

  • Building rubble and soil
  • Clinical and hazardous waste (for example, asbestos, fluorescent tubes)
  • Cast iron baths
  • American style fridges/freezers
  • Bags of general household waste Items which are too heavy to be safely carried by two people

To arrange a special collection of large items you can complete the special collection form or you may pay over the telephone by credit or debit card directly on 01226 772045.

All collections will take place within ten working days of payment being received. Items must be available for collection during this period. Items must be left outside of the property but within the property boundary (for example, on the front garden), but not on the footpath or highway.

Fly tipping

Original web page:

Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of waste on any street or open area. The waste could include anything from washers and other electrical items; beds; arm chairs and other furniture; household waste (rubbish normally put in grey refuse bin).

Fly tipping will be removed from highways and public open spaces free of charge. Fly tipping removal from private land will be removed at a cost to the landowner, based on an estimate provided through inspection.

Please note - this is not the 'household waste special collections for bulky items service' - please refer to Waste Management service for further information.

Other detailed information including reporting the procedures for reporting fly tipping and its investigation can be found at the page linked above.

Commercial/Business waste - collection

General information page:

All businesses produce waste and as a waste producer have a "duty of care" under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to store and dispose of commercial waste correctly.

Commercial waste should not be disposed of in the same way as domestic waste.

Barnsley Council offers a service for its collection and information can be found at the above link.

Since this is commercial service, you may prefer to use an alternative which can be found elsewhere in business directories and search engines.

General info page:
General Council Tax helpline: 01226 774774

Barnsley Council calculates and collects council tax.

For ALL information about council tax please visit the section on the Barnsley Council website at the link above.

Registering a birth

Original web page:

By law every child born in England and Wales must be registered in the district where the birth took place. You need to register your baby to get a birth certificate.

Births must be registered by law within 42 days from the date of the child's birth. The birth should be registered in the district where it occurred. If it is more convenient, details of the birth may be given at another register office in England or Wales by making a declaration. Certain information and documentation are required to register a birth.

Birth registrations take place by appointment at four locations across the borough including The Barnsley Connects office in Penistone Town Hall, Shrewsbury Road. It usually takes about 30 minutes to register a birth. However, certificates can only be pbtained from theBarnsley office.

To find out more about please visit the link above.

Registering a death

Original page:

A death must be registered in the district in which it occurs within five days, unless the registrar extends that period, or if the coroner is involved.

Death registrations take place by appointment at four locations across the borough, including Penistone Town Hall. It usually takes about 30 minutes to register a death.

You can find out all the information you'll need to provide at the page linked above.

For enquires about Marriage, Civil Partnership, Naming and Renewal of Vows Ceremonies please ring the Barnsley Registry Office on 01226 773086. For more information please visit

Other information about marriages such as replacement certificates and arrangments please use the above link and contact details on that page.

High Street, Penistone Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S36 6BR
Telephone: 01226 762313
There is no dedicated website but there is a page of information available on the Barnsley Council website:

Situated at the top of High Street towards St John's school, the library offers a variety of services including: book displays; CDs; DVDs; photocopier; information; children's books; local history; tourist information; local cinema and theatre information; internet access; scanning and printing facilities.

Books may be renewed by phone, in person on online. To renew online go and click the My Account link halfway down the page. You will need the numerical barcode for your account found on your library card.

Readers' Group

A thriving Reader's Group meets meets once a fortnight on a Monday between 2.00pm and 3.00pm.

Local History

Also available is the Dransfield Collection of local history material which includes almanacs, parish magazines and graveyard inscriptions and Dransfield's own annotated copy of his "A History of the Parish of Penistone" book along with his original scrapbooks.

Please note that the the Biltcliffe Collection of local photographs is now stored at the Central Archives in Barnsley.

Internet access

Public internet access PCs are available in Pensitone library (and all Barnsley libraries) via a high speed broadband network. Members of the public are also able to access web mail, Microsoft Office packages, scanners and printing facilities. Sessions are available for a maximum of two hours per person per day and the last session ends 15 minutes before the library closes.

Please contact Penistone Library to confirm times of classes, groups etc.

Free Online Reference Resource

Barnsley Libraries provides free Online Reference Resources for adults and children. You can read more at


The Mi Card concession scheme was discontinued on 31st March 2017.

From 1 April 2017, if you live in South Yorkshire and are under 16, you are eligible for a MegaTravel Pass. The MegaTravel Pass entitles pass holders to concessionary travel on bus, tram and train in South Yorkshire. No pass means you could pay full fare. More information can be found here:

NB UNLIKE THE OLD MI CARD THIS CAN NOT ISSUED FROM PENISTONE LIBRARY. Please use the above link to find out how to obtain the pass.

Penistone Library Opening Times

Please check with the library for days of opening during holiday periods such as banks holidays or see the library news on the Barnsley Council website at

Day Opening Times
Monday 0900 – 1800
Tuesday 0900 – 1700
Wednesday 0900 – 1200
Thursday 0900 – 1900
Friday 0900 – 1700
Saturday 0930 – 1200
Sunday Closed

Original web page:
Telephone: 01226 774200 (24 hours, seven days a week)

Barnsley Council's street lighting service is responsible for the upkeep of street lamps and illuminated traffic signs and illuminated bollards.

The council is committed to repairing street lighting faults within six working days of them being reported and will attend and make safe a street lighting emergency within one hour.

Original web page:

Roads maintenance, surfacing, pavements etc

As a highways authority Barnsley Council is responsible for the maintenance of all roads in its area, with the exception of some private roads and all motorways and trunk roads, which are the responsibility of the Highways Agency.

Barnsley Council is also responsible for the maintenance of footways and carriageways.

The council can investigate and make safe or arrange the removal of obstructions on the pavement which block the safe passage of pedestrians. Anyone can report an obstruction on the pavement.

If you have any queries please use the link above the visit the highways section of the Barnsley Council website where you will find a wide range of information and forms for reporting any issues.

Gritting, snow clearance etc

Original link:
Telephone: 01226 773555 (24 hours)

Barnsley Council also provides gritting and snow clearance services.

It follows a national Code of Practice in keeping major and strategic routes clear of ice by carrying out precautionary gritting and snow clearing of these routes when necessary.

These major and strategic routes are known as primary routes. A new winter maintenence leaflet providing information on the gritting routes each winter will be produced shortly and this will be available to view online (see above link).

In times of extreme prolonged cold weather, a contingency plan is brought into action whereby additional council personnel assist the service with snow clearing duties.

The decision to carry out precautionary gritting is an automatic one taken by the duty winter maintenance co-ordinator and needs no input by others.

If difficulties are being experienced, a request for service can be made to Barnsley Council.

This can include a request for gritting of non-primary routes, the provision of additional grit bins or replenishing grit levels in exisiting grit bins.

You can use the phone number above or visit the link and complete an online form for this.

Any concerns regarding the quality of service should also be referred to Barnsley Council.

Original web page:

The Blue Badge is a national scheme of parking concessions for people who have severe walking difficulties and travel either as a passenger or driver. This scheme also applies to people who are registered blind, and people who have severe upper limb disabilities who regularly drive a vehicle and cannot turn a steering wheel by hand. This scheme allows the badge holder to park close to their destination.

For full information on how to obtain a badge and to see if you qualify, please visit the above page on the BMBC website.

Dog Warden

Original page:
Telephone: 01226 772468 (8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Thursday and 8.30am to 4.30pm on Friday)

Dog wardens respond to complaints about straying dogs, lost dogs, and nuisance dogs, as well as patrolling problem areas to look for strays. The law states that if a dog is found straying in a public place, it can be seized and taken to a designated kennels.

An unattended dog in a public place is a stray dog. Stray dogs are not only a danger to themselves, but can be a risk or cause danger to members of the public and road users.

Dogs are required by law to wear a collar or disc bearing the owner's name and address when they are on a highway or public area. If your dog does not have a collar and tag you could be prosecuted and fined up to £5000. It is an offence to allow a dog in your control to behave in an aggressive manner. A dog does not have to bite someone to be deemed dangerous. If you are convicted you can receive a fine of up to £5000 and/or six months in prison. The police also have a duty to deal with dangerous dogs.

For more information please see the above link.

Animal welfare

Original web page:
Telephone 01226 772468 (8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Thursday and 8.30am to 4.30pm on Friday)

There is a wide range of legislation in the UK designed to protect the health and welfare of both domesticated and wild animals.

Animal health and welfare legislation is enforced jointly by Barnsley Council and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), in association with other government bodies and independent organisations such as the (RSPCA) Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The Animal Health Officer can be contacted at the above number; the web page above also contains a wide range of information and contacts regarding animal welfare.

Planning applications must be sent to Barnsley; Penistone Town Council does not have any powers regarding this matter although it can raise objections in the same way as a member of the public can.

Planning department contact details

telephone: 01226 772606 post at
Planning Policy, Strategy, Growth and Regeneration,
Westgate Plaza One,
PO Box 604,
S70 9FE

Householders application for planning permission

If you are intending to make changes to our home please refer to the above link. Changes include:

  • porches
  • extensions
  • loft conversions
  • garages or outbuildings
  • high garden walls or fences
  • new or altered access on to a main road

Business planning applications

If you are planning to expand your business premises, build new premises, change the use of an existing premises you may need to apply for planning permission.

Please see the link above for more information.


To object to a planning application write immediately stating your reasons and objections to BMBC planning department at the above address.

Other useful planning links

Development management

Advice and information on the planning process for the council:

Register of Common Land and Town or Village Greens

Viewing Planning Applications and Decision Notices etc

Original web page:

Please visit the above link for information about all advice about benefits including housing,welfare, attendance allowance, community care grants and council tax benefits

Original web page:

Information about council housing, repairs, the right to buy your own council home and advice on homelessness and its prevention can be found on the BMBC website at the above link.

Original web page:

General queries about schools in the area should be addressed to the schools themselves; any complaints should also be taken to the schools since they will have their own procedures in place.

All other official information about schools and education in the area can be found at the above link or by contacting the Admissions Office in Barnsley:

School Admissions
Directorate for Children, Young People and Families
PO Box 634,
S70 9GG.

Telephone: 01226 773689 (Monday to Thursday from 8.30am to 5pm and Fridays from 8.30am to 4.30pm)


A list of the schools in the Pensitone area and their contact details can be found on the links and useful info page of this site.

Bus and train

For information about public transport including bus and train services, please visit or phone 01709 515151

The site includes journey planners, timetables and news about delays or cancellations (useful in poor weather).

Bus Shelters

Bus shelters are provided by the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE). They are provided where a bus stop for boarding passengers has been established and some shelter from the elements is desirable. A set of criteria is used to establish those sites that qualify.

A request for a shelter needs to be sent to the SYPTE.

For further information see the SYPTE site or the information on the BMBC site,

Bus Passes

Senior citizens are entitled to free off peak travel on buses, trains and trams across South Yorkshire and England.

To find out more information and if you qualify for a pass then please call in person the Information Centre at Barnsley Interchange, ring Traveline on 01709 515151 or go to

Under 16s

The Mi Card concession scheme was discontinued on 31st March 2017.

From 1 April 2017, if you live in South Yorkshire and are under 16, you are eligible for a MegaTravel Pass. The MegaTravel Pass entitles pass holders to concessionary travel on bus, tram and train in South Yorkshire. No pass means you could pay full fare. More information can be found here:

NB UNLIKE THE MI CARD THIS CAN NOT ISSUED FROM PENISTONE LIBRARY. Please use the above link to find out how to obtain the pass.