View of Penistone and top of Viaduct

Notice of Vacancy 17th April 2018

Notice is hereby given that due to the resignation of Michael Ogle a vacancy exists in the office of Parish/Town Councillor for the Town of Penistone Cubley and Springvale Ward.
The vacancy will be filled by election if within the next 14 days of the date of this Notice (not counting Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays).
For more information download the full document here.
Please also read the Procedure: Filling of a Casual Vacancy document.
Dated: April 17th 2018.

Penistone Town Council – Neighbourhood Development Plan progress

In June 2015 the Parish of Penistone was successfully designated as a ‘Neighbourhood Area’ following a request by Penistone Town Council. Following that designation, the Town Council then voted unanimously to proceed with a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).

The website for the Penistone Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) can be found at

Extracts from the minutes of the March2018 meeting

The following are selected items taken from the minutes of the April meeting. In places, these are deliberately brief summaries - for the full 19th March 2018 document, please click here download the PDF version.
The minutes section also contains an archive of minutes published since October 2011.

Town Council meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7pm, in the Council Chamber (except August) at the Town Hall building on Shrewsbury Road. These meetings are open to the public and members of the electorate can address the council.

Minutes are always published following their approval at the subsequent meeting, i.e. one month after the original meeting.

Public Participation

Penistone Town Council wishes to encourage public participation during its meetings in order to use this as one means of consulting with the public. However, the Council recognises that rules must control the manner of participation in order that the Council Meeting may continue to operate effectively. For full information please read the Public Participation Document.

Prior to the meeting

The Town Mayor welcomed Steve Webber on being co-opted back to the Town Council.

He then introduced Rob Cawthraw and Paula Lindley from Barnsley MBC Market Department to discuss problems being encountered in the Market Barn. Much discussion ensued regarding litter, graffiti, damage to the stone pillars, roof, electric sockets and youths congregating. Cllr. Millner stated that the Council was fully aware of the situation and he and his Ward colleagues had been discussing ways of security. Costs were being sought at this present time by the Market Department and subject to the estimate funding would be applied for.

Reports from Elected Members of Barnsley M.B.C.

Cllr. Millner commented on the potholes around the area and Barnsley MBC had a service now available on line “Report a pothole”. He also confirmed that he had reported the many blocked gullies around the Town.
Cllr. Unsworth commented that the election period was to soon commence. Anti - Social behavior was a topic at the recent P.A.C.T. meeting.


The following items of correspondence were NOTED

  1. Rural Services Network
  2. Penistone Cricket and Sports Club – thank you letter
  3. Hoylandswaine Village Hall Ltd. A.G.M. – invitation to members to attend

Leisure and Amenities Report

Cllr. Cutts gave a full and concise report of activities at the Paramount.
Staffing: Two new members of staff have been recruited to the relief roster and are receiving training.

First Aid Course: Eleven members of both Paramount and Town Council staff carried out a one day First Aid at Work course. Investigations are being carried out to purchase a defibrillator.

Film Attendance: Attendances have been very good and continue through Easter.

Live Events: Most are booking well, future bookings are being affected by the weather especially for older audiences. Only one show, Abba, was postponed and rescheduled for April 20th.

Marketing: In the new financial year we will be cutting back on newspaper advertising and concentrating on event advertising rather rthan listings. This mainly affects the Huddersfield Daily Examiner. The next booklets will be out April /May. We will continue with Facebook.

Lease and Amendments to the Business Plan appear satisfactory and arrangements are being made to renew the Heads of Terms and present the document to Barnsley MBC Cabinet.

Building: NPS has been in attendance and cleaned out the gutters and down pipes. Two outer doors into the car park are to be replaced. The CCTV system is to be replaced and extended to the yard and bar area Most of the old light fittings have been replaced with energy efficient “led” fixtures. A replacement quad has been ordered and the faulty flood light on the front of the building is to be replaced. Quotes are being sought to replace the water heaters in the bar and ladies stall toilet Parts of the bar floor are being replaced due to rotting Penistone Theatre Group has cleaned out the cellar.

Accounts and Finance

The following accounts had been previously circulated to Members and it was RESOLVED to approve the following:

  1. The General Account to the sum of £20,773.86
  2. The Paramount Account to the sum of £51,386.74
  3. Request for financial assistance from Penistone Pottery Club - £200.00

Community Centre

The Town Clerk stated that business generally was highly satisfactory. Refurbishment of the disabled toilets in the centre were to be carried out during the Spring along with painting of the Top Hall and office, new fencing in the yard, and the planting of 3 semi mature Oaks trees.

Parade and Gala 2018

Cllr. Mrs. Millner commented that plans were ongoing bands were booked, businesses were supporting the event and the theme was to be musicals throughout the ages.

Penistone Neighbourhood Development Plan

Cllr. Saunders reported that the plan was heading toward completion and the referendum would be around January/February 2019.

Closure of NatWest Bank Penistone Branch

Cllr. Unsworth commented that there was no further information to report and that Angela Smith MP had presented the petition to keep the bank open in Parliament. Cllr. Webber also raised concern that the Post Office was up for sale and what would happen in future if that was to close. Could a commercial enterprise run it? Or would Tesco consider opening banking facilities?

Tour de Yorkshire:

Cllr. Saunders commented that the event would take place on May 4th and a meeting regarding the event would be held on March 26th only the Tour was to come through the Town this year.

General Data Protection Regulations Officer

The Town Clerk confirmed that this legislation came into effect on May 25th 2018 and as nether he or the Finance Officer could be the designated person Cllr. Kimberley has offered to give guidance on the processing of personal or sensitive data as the basis for making sure systems and policies comply with the regulations.

Penistone Grammar School Foundation Trust

Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960.
Due to the confidentiality of this item members of the public left the meeting. The Town Clerk read out correspondence from Barnsley MBC Governor Services stating that the Town Council needed to appoint another representative and needed to progress with the recruitment. It was agreed to discuss this matter at the meeting of the Finance and General Purposes Committee scheduled for April 9th.

The Town Clerk also stated that Cllr. Ogle had also not attended the last 6 meetings of the Town Council and referred to the Local Government Act 1972 which states “If a member fails throughout six consecutive months to attend any meetings of the Council or of its Committees or sub – committees of which he is a member, or other body as a representative of the Council, or at a meeting of any body of persons, he ceases automatically to be a member of the Council. Following a brief discussion it was agreed that the Town Clerk writes to Cllr. Ogle explaining the situation and asks him to tender his resignation.
Town Clerks Note: The Town Clerk’s office received notification from Cllr. Ogle during the Town Council meeting offering his resignation from the Town