View of Penistone and top of Viaduct

SCOPE Collection Dates

SCOPE, the disability charity, will be making house to house collections between 1st - 21st April 2019 and 6th - 26th April 2020. Please be reassured that this is offical - click here to see the original notification sent to the Pensitone Town Council.

Penistone Neighbourhood Development Plan Published

Barnsley Council have now published the Penistone Neighbourhood Plan. It can be seen on the Barnsley MBC website here:

The Referendum Version can be downloaded here: Penistone NDP - Referendum Version

For more information about the Penistone Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) and it's background please go to

Dates of Meetings - 2018-2019

Town Council meetings are all held on the 3rd Monday of the month except August when the Council does not meet. The meetings are convened in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Shrewsbury Road at 7.00pm Ten minutes' public participation is always set aside from 7.0 – 7.10pm prior to the meeting proper.
The dates for 2018-19 are as follows:

  • May 21st 2018
  • June 18th 2018
  • July 16th 2018
  • September 17th 2018
  • October 15th 2018
  • November 19th 2018
  • December 17th 2018
  • January 21st 2019
  • February 18th 2019
  • March 18th 2019
  • April 15th 2019

Extracts from the minutes of the March 2019 meeting

The following are selected items taken from the minutes of the April meeting. In places, these are deliberately brief summaries - for the full 18th February2019 document, please click here download the PDF version.
The minutes section also contains an archive of minutes published since October 2011.

Town Council meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7pm, in the Council Chamber (except August) at the Town Hall building on Shrewsbury Road. These meetings are open to the public and members of the electorate can address the council.

Minutes are always published following their approval at the subsequent meeting, i.e. one month after the original meeting.

Public Participation

Penistone Town Council wishes to encourage public participation during its meetings in order to use this as one means of consulting with the public. However, the Council recognises that rules must control the manner of participation in order that the Council Meeting may continue to operate effectively. For full information please read the Public Participation Document.

Reports from Elected Members of Barnsley M.B.C.

Cllr. Millner commented on the amount of fly tipping incidents he had dealt with recently. Barnsley MBC has appointed a new Chief Executive, and the street lighting programme will include LED’s


The following items of correspondence were noted including (full list can be seen in the PDF) :

  1. Rural Services Network Digest (March) sent via Email
  2. British Weight and Measures Association
  3. Parish and Town Council liaison arrangements/ Parish /Town charter
  4. Barnsley MBC Draft Supplementary Documents
  5. Penistone Area Council Sponsored Walk
  6. Remembrance Poppy and Soldier – Agreed to defer this item and discuss at the next meeting of the Town Services Committee when deliberating the Christmas Lights.
  7. Local Community Regeneration: Transforming Town Centre’s and Communities Conference

Leisure and Amenities Report

Cllr. Cutts commented that there had been no further update since the Leisure and Amenities meeting on the 11th March adding only that the application for the new 25 year lease had been deliberated by Barnsley MBC Cabinet on February 20th and been approved. The Town Clerk, Cinema Manager Deputy Cinema Manager and Cllr. Cutts had recently met with the Officer to discuss the next steps which were to revise some of the Heads of Terms prior to signing Cllr. Cutts was thanked for his report.

Accounts and Finance

The following accounts had been previously circulated to Members and it was RESOLVED to approve the following:

  1. he General Account £18,332.30
  2. The Paramount Account £59,831.60
  3. Request for financial assistance from Penistone Round Table (£5,500.00) approved in principal and to be paid with effect from April 1st 2019
  4. Request from Hoylandswaine Village Hall for financial assistance (£221.76) approved in principal and to be paid with effect from April 1st 2019
  5. Request for financial assistance from Millhouse Green Village Community Association (£250.00)

Community Centre

The Town Clerk stated that business generally was highly satisfactory.

Penistone Neighbourhood Development Plan

Cllr. Kimberley reported that she had received the draft report which was confidential at this present time. There are some changes to the policies however is unable to comment upon these. She could see the changes as being positive as assets and green spaces will actually be protected which previously didn’t have any protection.

There is a slight delay on our part as the examiner requires all the non - designated assets to be mapped along with their boundary, this is something our consultant has to undertake. Once the final report is presented, we will then have 5 weeks to make any amendments and push forward to referendum which may well be early to mid - May. Cllr. Kimberley was thanked for her report and work

Freedom of the Town Awards

Due to the confidentiality of the business to be transacted it was agreed to discuss this item in the absence of the public and press. [Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960.] It was RESOLVED to award the honour to the three local residents as agreed at the meeting of the Town Services Committee.