View of Penistone and top of Viaduct

Penistone Neighbourhood Development Published

Barnsley Council have now published the Penistone Neighbourhood Plan. It can be seen on the Barnsley MBC website here:

For more information about the Penistone Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) and it's background please go to

Dates of Meetings - 2018-2019

Town Council meetings are all held on the 3rd Monday of the month except August when the Council does not meet. The meetings are convened in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Shrewsbury Road at 7.00pm Ten minutes' public participation is always set aside from 7.0 – 7.10pm prior to the meeting proper.
The dates for 2018-19 are as follows:

  • May 21st 2018
  • June 18th 2018
  • July 16th 2018
  • September 17th 2018
  • October 15th 2018
  • November 19th2018
  • December 17th 2018
  • January 21st 2019
  • February 18th 2019
  • March 18th 2019
  • April 15th 2019

Extracts from the minutes of the July 2018 meeting

The following are selected items taken from the minutes of the April meeting. In places, these are deliberately brief summaries - for the full 18th June 2018 document, please click here download the PDF version.
The minutes section also contains an archive of minutes published since October 2011.

Town Council meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7pm, in the Council Chamber (except August) at the Town Hall building on Shrewsbury Road. These meetings are open to the public and members of the electorate can address the council.

Minutes are always published following their approval at the subsequent meeting, i.e. one month after the original meeting.

Public Participation

Penistone Town Council wishes to encourage public participation during its meetings in order to use this as one means of consulting with the public. However, the Council recognises that rules must control the manner of participation in order that the Council Meeting may continue to operate effectively. For full information please read the Public Participation Document.

Prior to the meeting

The Town Mayor welcomed Steve Croft, Principal Engineer (Highways) Barnsley MBC who gave an in-depth account of the maintenance of the highway network within Barnsley MBC. He discussed at length the method and frequency of highway inspections and gully cleansing. The criteria used for major schemes, basic maintenance patching, and cosmetic preventative maintenance treatments. He explained the current financial constraints affecting the highway budget and loss of Officers and the criteria used for the assessment of pothole repairs. Much discussion ensued and the questions asked were answered to the satisfaction of members present. The officer was thanked for his attendance and presentation.

Reports from Elected Members of Barnsley M.B.C.

Cllr. Millner commented on Primary school funding shortfalls and proposed improvments to the culvert in Millhouse Green. He also commented on the recent anti-social behavior in the Market Barn and how Barnsley MBC was to re - assess the building to make it inaccessible out of hours..


The following items of correspondence were NOTED

  1. Rural Services Network
  2. Love where you Live
  3. South Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel
  4. S.Y.P.T.E. Travel Master

Leisure and Amenities Report

Cllr. Cutts reported on the following:

Staffing: Fully staffed at this present time however staff requirements will be reviewed over the summer with a view to the resources needed to proceed with the new business plan.

Programme: Film attendance has been down on expectation a combination of football and good weather even with big releases being just average. The summer season offers some good titles on release and booking well. Live events are all booking well with the autumn season the biggest ever.

Marketing: The next booklet is in production to cover September to December.

Lease: Still awaiting from Barnsley MBC however an energy efficiency survey has been carried out as part of the lease process with an expectancy of coming into a Category D which while not good won’t preclude the lease progressing.

G.D.P.R. All the required work undertaken.

Building: Exterior doors have been replaced in the Paramount Room, Cellar Door and Office Door as all were life expired. Cllr. Cutts was thanked for his report.

Accounts and Finance

The following accounts had been previously circulated to Members and it was RESOLVED to approve the following:

  1. The General Account £14,005.38
  2. The Paramount Account £ 36,851.35

Community Centre

The Town Clerk stated that business generally was highly satisfactory. Refurbishment and painting of the Top Hall and Office was to be carried out during the school holidays.

Penistone Neighbourhood Development Plan

Members has been circulated with the draft document and it was RESOLVED that the Town Council adopts the Neighbourhood Development Plan and that it is now referred to Barnsley MBC

Internal Audit Report final visit 2017/18

The Town Clerk reported that the Internal Auditor had completed the audit for 2017/18 in accordance with the audit plan. During the year the internal controls have been reviewed at the Town Council and Paramount Cinema and carried out appropriate tests and checks on the accounts and other management arrangements to confirm that the systems of financial and other controls over the Town Council’s activities and operating procedures are effective. No maters arose from this work to give cause for concern and I can confirm that internal controls are operating as expected. Actions have been taken on recommendations made in my previous report.